Main Topics

Sessions: Networking and Information Security, Information Systems, Cloud and Mobile Technologies, Business Process Engineering, Big Data, Digital Economy

Information Systems and Technology

Data Base Management; Data Mining and Data fusion; E-Commerce & E-government; E-Health & Biomedical applications; E-Learning & E-Business; Emerging technologies & Applications; Fuzzy, ANN & Expert Approaches; ICT & Banking; ICT & Education; Image Analysis and Processing; Image & Multimedia applications.

Information Processing and Management

Decision making processes for new investments; The management of IT benefits, costs and risks; The management of IS development and IT departments; Multi-site implementation; e-Procurement; IS/IT management practice; The impact of IS on work and organisations; Business intelligence; Customer loyalty programmes and reward systems; The management of IT investments; Internet applications & performances; Knowledge Based Systems; Knowledge Management.

Information Security

Authentication and access control; Biometrics systems; Computer and communication security; Cryptography and cryptanalysis; Digital watermarking, fingerprinting, and traitor tracing schemes ; Information systems security ; Multimedia security; Network systems forensics; Security of e-Systems and applications; Security modeling, tools & simulation; User & location privacy; Web security and privacy.

Business Information Management

Business process management; Data governance; IT Project management; Financial management; Quality management; Customer Relationship Management; Semantic business process management; Adaptive and dynamic processes; Supply chain processes; ERP implementations; Integration of data and processes.

Cloud Computing and Mobile Technologies

Cloud computing; Embedded systems; Evolutionary algorithms and computing; Grid computing and architectures; Hardware and software co-design; High-performance computing; Mobile computing; Operating system and middleware support for mobile computing and networking; Pervasive computing; Real-time systems and simulations; Scientific computing algorithms;

Data fusion; Digital Libraries ; Metadata and metamodeling; Multimedia; Ontology and semantic web ; Portal strategies; Quality recommendation for software service provisioning; Web services and engineering; Web interfaces and applications; Web searching, browsing and ranking ; Web information retrieval; Web intelligence; Web performance measurement, modeling and caching.

Internet of Things

Smart Cities; Smart Economy; Wearable Techology & Personalized Healthcare; Researching Wireless communication; Nanotechnology; Silicon on Chips.

Engineering and Networks

Adaptive communications ; Modulation techniques; MIMO systems ; Novel applications enabled by telecommunication networking systems; Satellite communication; Spread-spectrum communications; Wireless broadcasting; Wireless communication; Future Internet; Hybrid networks; Network management; Network services and protocols; Personal area networks; Quality of service provisioning.

Modelling and Forecasting

Sources of uncertainties (models, databases, assumptions, economic judgments), methodological issues for improving statistics and economic analyses; new indicators for macroeconomic evaluations; simulation & stochastic programming and modelling;
Continuous and discrete optimization; Mathematical programming; Game theory; Decision analysis; Production management & supply chain management; approximation algorithms; computational complexity; metaheuristics.
Financial modeling & risk management; Systemic risk and financial stability; Credit risk methods and models; Interest rate models; Stochastic analysis and mathematical finance; Actuarial models.

Applied Statistics

Asymptotic Statistics; Bio-statistics; Bioinformatics; Computational Statistics; Data Mining; Decision Theory; Design of Experiments;Econometrics; Environmental Statistics; Multivariate Statistics; Option Pricing Models; Sample Surveys; Sequential Analysis; Software Reliability;Spatial Statistics; Statistical Modeling ; Statistics in Finance; Time Series Analysis.

Digital Economy

E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Learning, E-Banking, E-Government, E-Readiness, E-Tax, E-Directory.