We are glad to announce our partners:

Academy of Sciences of Albania

The Academy of Science Albania was founded in 1972. It is the highest and the most important scientific institution in the Republic of Albania. It is an independent institution. It puts together the most prominent scientists of the country, that is, those who bear the title of Academician". It includes other scientific institutions, centres and organisms, in its system. Eligible for membership are active scientists with an excellent scientific record.

University For Business and Technology

University for Business and Technology (UBT™s) mission is to meet the higher education demands and needs of a democratic country, aiming to build its economy and society to become a part of the European and Global (knowledge and labour) markets.

Academic Exchange for Progress

Academic Exchange for Progress (AEP) facilitates academic exchange and capacity building within the host country, and in the cooperation between partner institutions in Norway, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (MAK-countries/MAK). The Academic Exchange for Progress project will strive towards making the ICT industry in MAK more secure, competitive and a sustainable creator of jobs.

Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is one of Sweden''s newest higher education institutions. The university was formed when the University of Kalmar and University merged in 2010. It covers the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, and represents a number of well-established research domains.


EUROSIM, the Federation of European Simulation Societies, was set up in 1989. The purpose of EUROSIM is to provide a European forum for regional and national simulation societies to promote the advancement of modelling and simulation in industry, research and development.