Workshop on "Modelling and Simulation in Business Informatics"

Honored professors, colleagues and collaborators,

The Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics has the honor to invite you in our Workshop on “Modelling and Simulation in Business Informatics”, which will be organised on June 17th, 2016, 10:00am – 12:00am, Tirana, Albania.

Venue place: Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, 2nd Floor

This workshop is an important part of ISTI 2016 International Conference organised by our Department, which is entitled “ISTI 2016: the New Paradigm for a Smarter Economy” (for more information please consult the website:

“Modelling and Simulation in Business Informatics” Workshop aims to share together our knowledge and experience in the field of modelling and simulation and their application in the field of economy.

The Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics, for more than one year, is part of the bilateral project “Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Business Informatics” together with the research group Mathematical Modelling and Simulation (MMS) at the Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing at the Vienna University of Technology. Within this project, on February 2015 was organised in Vienna the “Blended Learning in Higher Education for Mathematics and Modelling & Simulation” Workshop, by ASIM’s working group Mod&Sim in / for Education in the frame of MATHMOD 2015. The Vienna’s Workshop aimed to highlight the importance of developing a mixture of Modelling & Simulation and education.

Our Workshop in Tirana, has the main goal to combine the application-oriented field of business informatics with theoretical knowledge about modelling and simulation. In addition, another aim is the creation of joint scientific contributions about the appliance of methods of modelling and simulation in the field of business informatics, business processes, e-learning, government and their impact in other fields of socio-economical life.

We are pleased to have you part of this Workshop and to profit from the shared impactful activity (= Education + Research Investment).

For more information, please find in the attachment the Workshop Agenda.

Workshop Template

1. Download the PowerPoint template. We strongly advice you to work on this template.
2. Use this naming convention of the file: Workshop-ISTI2016-Surname1_..._SurnameN.ppt
3. Send the presentation to

We look forward to meeting you in the Workshop!

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Kozeta SEVRANI, ISTI Conference Chair 

Head of Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics
Faculty of Economy
University of Tirana